Making a mess

As a child it was always ‘don’t do that, it will make a mess’. This creates the habit of not letting go and restricting our creativity.

It’s taken me a lot of my life to realise, the best things come from making a mess and freeing ourselves.

I spent today in my art studio making a mess, some went wrong and ended up even better.

Enjoy making a mess whatever it is it can always be cleaned up and the freedom of letting go allows us to create our best.

Take the handbrake off


We drive our lives like a car with the handbrake on, scared of going too fast, scared of letting go.

Release the handbrake, remove the shell of fear, break out and liberate yourself.

We all have allowed ourselves and others to impose fear on us, from the moment we are born we are told ‘don’t’.

We can reverse that slowly but surely by telling ourselves ‘do’.

Let your car of life roll down the hill freely without the handbrake on.

You might crash or you might steer yourself to the destination you want.

You’ll never know until you release the brake.