Making a mess

As a child it was always ‘don’t do that, it will make a mess’. This creates the habit of not letting go and restricting our creativity.

It’s taken me a lot of my life to realise, the best things come from making a mess and freeing ourselves.

I spent today in my art studio making a mess, some went wrong and ended up even better.

Enjoy making a mess whatever it is it can always be cleaned up and the freedom of letting go allows us to create our best.

Go and get filthy

When was the last time you made a mud pie?

When was the last time you rolled down a hill?

When did you last get really filthy from climbing, playing, rolling around?

This isn’t written for kids, this is for us adults.

When you make a fire do you just grab the coal and build the fire with your hands so your hands end up filthy?

Do you ever feel the earth of this planet and rub it between your fingers?

Do you get oil on your hands, and that’s not for moisturising?

Do you eat messy food with your hands?

Do you ever go for a walk and not care if you get all muddy wandering through the woods?

Our world is so sanitised, we’ve forgotten how to connect with things, go and get filthy. Let your hair down, don’t give a shit, enjoy the moment, roll in the mud, jump in the stream, climb the tree, put your hands in and get covered in filth, without hyperventilating and reaching for the antibacterial spray.

It won’t kill you but being so fussy and dirt adverse is killing our souls and strangely killing our resistance to the very thing we have been conditioned to fear.