It’s our journey

Life is something we do with others and they can often be the catalyst and inspiration for our own journey.

However, each one of us has a unique journey and it is ours to discover, good, bad and average. It is our choices, it is up to us to be the one to find our path, learn our lessons, and work things out for ourselves.

No matter what others tell us or advise us, with good intention most times, there is still no substitute for treading the path ourselves.

The key is always to try to walk down the path even when it’s hard and scary. But we can never learn until we take the leap of faith and take our journey.

Take a leap

Chances come and go.

Opportunity is everywhere, so what if we miss one, or two or ten, they are literally everywhere every single day.

There are 7.6 billion people on this planet each one has ideas, wisdom, knowledge, opportunities.

We can seek out opportunities or not, it is a choice.

Finding opportunities isn’t the hard part, well unless you don’t look for them, but like ideas they are cheap.

Taking the leap of faith into the uncertainty, into the unknown, out of our comfort zones, that is hard, that takes bravery, it’s vulnerable, scary and goes against our conditioning.

However, at the end of our journies, there will be no rejoicing of all the opportunities we had in our lives, there will, however, be a great joy, deep joy, for all the leaps into the unknown we took and the great adventures they led too.

Take a leap now, into something unknown and be brave enough to face the fear and the magic will come.