Growing an audience to last

It is dependent on the type of audience you want, of course.

We can all share fluffy cat pictures, follow others – simply with aim of getting them to follow back, we can do many other forms of manipulations and gimmicks to grab an extra follower, listener, reader…You can buy them too.

In the short-term, this might work.

Longer term, it won’t, as your audience will simply be lured away by a better offer. Equally, most of them will not give a shit about what you share.

If you want an audience that sticks around and cares about what you have to say, then be 100% authentic, say what you think and share stuff that others like you will find, love and share. Create stuff of value, create great content, create stuff that would be missed, create work of care.

In the short to medium term, that requires hard work, thought and patience. Longer term, it requires us to continue that, however, it works, as your audience will be made up of people who love what you do and that is the best reward for our persistence and care. They’ll stick around and tell others.

Otherwise, we can always post another food-related selfie and hope our audience doesn’t get bored.

It’s not a numbers game


Only low value/quality products and services are sold using the numbers game.

It is a sales process that works on the more times people say ‘no’ the more times you will hear ‘yes’.

I hear the voices of sales bosses ringing in my years from my past life in sales – ‘sales, it’s a numbers game, every ‘no’ means you are closer to a ‘yes”. Popular in telesales, along with ‘smile and dial’.

Of course, if you have no care about what you are selling, how you sell it and then more likely what you deliver to your customer, then this method works for a period of time. For mass, average, bland there is a great number in your vast fish tank to catch using whatever method.

But the bad news is, there are plenty of other predators fishing there too.

It is not about numbers and relentless sales, it is about building and delivering something of value that people will love, come back to, promote for you to others and thus remove the need to sell.

Make it easy for people to become members of your tribe, make it easy for them to find your story, to be inspired and to want to buy from you.

It’s not a numbers game, it’s about the story you share and the value you create.

Your partners on your journey, the evangelists that will love what you do and tell others, will only follow something that matters to them.

The numbers don’t matter.