When we are ready

The obvious can be staring us in the face, everything can point to the change, we know it deep down, others whose guidance we trust can tell us and yet we stay stuck.

We can only move forward when we are ready to and when we accept what is and let go.

This can be frustrating for the onlooking well-intended advisors, but it is not up to them. Change is an inside job where we need to be willing to let go of the pain, of being a victim, to let go of the reasons not to, to be at peace and relieve the pressure to match the invented self-image in the mind.

When we accept we are worthy no matter what and when we come from a place of acceptance and peace we will have clearer, focused and growth mindset.

We just need to accept then we will be ready to change.

Eating your own dog food


I’m sat here thinking about things before doing today’s post. I realised that I am super great at offering my advice to others and yet when it comes to me, and what I do, at times I don’t always eat my own dog food, which seems a little daft, to be honest.

We perhaps think that other people’s challenges are easier to solve or perhaps because our challenges are naturally more important to us, we seem to freeze on advising ourselves. Or think well that won’t work for us, then fear takes over and we don’t act.

Sure, it is important to get advice, listen to, read, talk and get inspiration from others, that’s how we learn. But if you have, like all of us accumulated all this learning from our life experiences, then it might be a good idea to apply some of that, if not all of it, to our own lives.

The biggest experts on our lives is ourselves, after all, we have been on every single step of the journey and we do actually deep down know what is good for us.

The buck stops with us, we can choose to eat our own dog food or not.