Suffering behind our brick walls

We build up resistance to things like putting bricks in the wall. It’s the habitual safeguarding of the ego by the mind to eliminate any potential risk or exposure.

The fragile ego demands the excuses to be made to any form of doing.

‘Yeah but…’ or ‘I don’t have time for…’ or ‘it will make a mess…’ or ‘no, I can’t do that I’m not…fit enough/qualified/don’t have enough money/not good enough’. The list is endless and with each brick, we put in the wall we imprison ourselves more in our excuses, the mind feels good as we feel ‘safe’ now behind our wall.

The challenge is, our soul wants to experience things, that’s how we turn mental concepts into something real and joyful, by actually doing it and experience it. This when the brick wall imprisonment leads to all kinds of things like regret, frustration, anger, jealousy of others that do. This can often get manifested into blaming exterior circumstances and other people and finally, we become a victim.

There is an easy way to stop the suffering, simply be conscious in this moment and choose to accept where we are and what is, and then choose to either do something immediately now without thought or let it go and again no need to think about that decision.

The thinking is where the suffering is in our unconscious state. The joy of just doing or being in the present moment is where inner peace is found and no need to build any brick walls to suffer behind.

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