Thinking kills creativity

Our feelings guide us, they come from our essence, from our soul. We are all creators and our creativity constantly bubbles away. We are here to create the experiences that allow us to be. We can’t know something other than as a concept unless we experience it. We are souls having a human experience. It’s a game and we are here to play.

However, our conditioning tricks us to believe we are our mind, the story, the image, the name, the labels, the society and that we need to think about everything before doing. We need to consider others, the weather, the money, the time, and as many factors as the fear of the mind can create for us about the future.

So when a creative feeling bubbles up, the mind instantly sabotages it, as its poor little ego may be under threat. It will do whatever it takes to stop you from pursuing your creative feelings. When we associate with the mind, it is powerful and it drags us along without even realising it.

If we realise that our mind is an amazing tool that we control to manifest into reality our beautiful creative feelings that rise from us, then we can create everything. This requires us to be in the moment, to be focused on now, as now is the only moment we can create anything. If we are free from our mind patterns, then we can focus on doing right now.

The soul creates for the mind to manifest into action. However, if we are attached to our thoughts, those repetitive daily patterns, which 99.9% are the same negative shit, then there is no space for the soul and its creativity and the mind just sabotages anything that does arise…fear, the psychological fear that projections into the fantasy of the future create.

Always cease this moment. Just do, sing, dance, laugh, paint, write, jump up and down, tell someone you love them, say that thing so someone knows you care, help a stranger, hug, cook, watch the film, or just sit and appreciate all you have and all you are. Grateful that we are all the most amazing creators.

Thinking kills creativity…dead.

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