Jedi mind tricks

They are everywhere and they catch many.

It is amazing that our ‘radar’ for things, our instinct, has been so overridden by our repeating mind patterns that we cannot see anymore when we are being led along by the never-ending tsunami of messages, collective thoughts and broadcasts.

Our wisdom doesn’t come from the mind it comes from the soul, from our very essence, but we can not employ that wisdom unless we are conscious and disassociated with our self-image, our story, our thoughts. We need to be connected with all that is, the universe, our essence, in order to tap into the wisdom.

The mindstream is powerful and it drags us along like a strong magnet from one thought and distraction to another. It is ready to pounce on anything that will trigger more of it too. The mind does not like the conscious present moment, it prefers the past and to hurry you along to the future, where everything will be better. The present moment is just a means to end and not to be enjoyed.

This means that our wisdom remains hidden within the soul and Jedi mind tricks work a treat on the unconscious mind.

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