Don’t work hard, go deep

It’s not about hard work in terms of volume of hours spent engage in activities. 

It is about work less volume but going deeper into focused work so that we have more time for guilt free leisure and relaxation. 

Putting things off, often occurs as we find work a chore and a lengthy interruption to the things we really want to do with family and friends. 

Deep focused work centred on our priorities and goals creates our best work. This leads to greater value, a greater sense of fulfilment and thus better wellness. 
Also, by doing deep work we get more done in a shorter time allowing more leisure time, more relaxation and thus feeling better and therefore more equipped to work better. 

So being more productive leads to working less which leads to more time to relax, recharge and that leads to more productive and less and less procrastination. 

Work with purpose and focus not long resent-filled days. 

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