Everyone now has to be in a box.

Vegan, in a box.

Christian, in a box.

Atheist, in a box.

Smoker, in a box.

Gay, in a box.

Muslim, in a box.

Right wing, in a box.

Socialist, in a box.

Label us and put us in a box.

It helps us to hate, ridicule, vilify, and feel superior to other boxes.It distracts us from the bigger picture. We’re blind to the real world that is outside our box. We can easily be manipulated once labelled.

Tear down the boxes.

We are all the same human race, equal, worthy, and we will succeed in finding a better world if we are all in the same box as one.

We do not need labelling.

We need to connect with each other instead, label-free, and share empathy, kindness, compassion and love for each other.

If it sounds all a bit fluffy and utopian, have you ever wondered why? The myth-makers that control us, need us in our boxes and tell us their way is the only way. Well, it has been for them but for the rest of humanity, it is not. There are alternatives we’ve never tried.

Together, we would not accept the injustices of the world perpetrated against one box by another led by the myth-makers who make the boxes and the labels.

Jump out of your box, ditch your label and become a free human.

We can all make our difference outside the boxes as one human race.

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