Someone else did it while I was thinking about it


We all get that sinking feeling or moment of despair in life, we have an idea, we talk about it, we might even have a go at it. Then the shock, someone else is doing it and doing better, and we’ve missed out.

Two things, firstly, what others do or don’t is of no consequence to our journeys, as we will all do our thing in our own unique way. There are more enough people in the world who will love what we do versus someone else’s version. So don’t compare. We evolve our ideas at different speeds.

The second thing, we need to become braver, bolder, more curious, more focused and remove the restrictions in our heads that stop us from creating something truly magical that has no comparison.

Don’t sink into despair with the thought of others achievements, rise up realising that our dreams are not impossible, but in fact entirely possible and all that is missing is our bravery to show up and achieve them.

Clearer, bolder vision creates bolder action and results, that are without comparison to others.

If someone else did it means we can too.

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