Building a wall of complication bricks

We create complications to avoid doing something that will take us from our comfort zones.

We build a wall, one ‘complication’ brick at a time, to convince ourselves not to do something. If we put enough bricks in it, we won’t be able to do it. Result, back to the safety of zone.

Complications are excuses to help us avoid the fear of doing, even though fear could be our inspiration to do, as we fear most the things that matter most.

Life, however, is a series of simple choices, if we want it to be, and trying something seems hard but in reality is just one tiny step at a time, again if we choose.

Simple or complex? Action or excuse? Progress or stuck?

If we break something down into easy, small and undaunting steps and then keep taking them regularly enough, there is no need to build a wall. If something is perceived us hard work, we are conditioned to avoid it, if something seems easy then we are more inclined to do it.

Cumulative small easy action builds up into one giant piece of action over time.

After all, the moments of greatness in our lives do not happen when we are given ‘the medal’ they happen the day we choose to take that simple first step and the greatness continues with every subsequent and frequently taken small step.

Why not make that first step? Why not knock down all those complication bricks?

Start your greatness today, it’s a choice that’s all.

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