The addictiveness of good news


Our society and general culture, fed by mainstream media, is trying and in many ways has succeeded, to get us hooked on bad news.

It’s a habit whereby many have become programmed to consume untold amounts of daily bad news.

If we switch that off, and you can literally do that, and focus only on good news, either that of others or the things you do to create a positive outcome, then that is addictive too.

I know which one I prefer being addicted to.

Switch off anything other than good news, consuming bad news serves no purpose in our lives.

Other than to create hatred, judgement, greed, envy, the polarisation of differences, mistrust, and general misery/depression.

I have yet to find a person that does not get lifted by good news, yet we seem to deny ourselves this boost.

Search for good things, always, it is a choice we can all exercise and it is one of the true joys of life.

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