It’s all a bonus


If you start each day accepting that the past has gone, now is all we have, as the future may or may not happen. Then if you tell yourself that you have everything that you need, a home (well for most of us), some food in the fridge, some money in the bank, clothes on our back. We’ve probably got a job, someone who we love, children, friends and maybe a cat or a dog even.

OK, so we might not have absolutely everything, very few have. Then again we don’t need everything. All we need is acceptance of what we have and to choose to be happy with that.

If we start each day by saying ‘I have everything I need, I am going to focus on what I have, not what I don’t’.

Then anything else in life is all a bonus. It’s amazing how good each day can be with that mindset.

Every step of life is all a bonus because one day the journey will end. It’s just a question of how we look at each step.

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