Stealing freedom


Those who try to control others are often frustrated by the inability to focus on their own challenges in life. They feel the solution to their woes is to see others as the person to blame and change.

Trying to control others is only going to lead to stealing someone else’s freedom of choice. Imposing your will on others is denying you the chance to live your life, to focus on what you have and what is important to you, and it restricts the freedom of others.

Happiness comes when you allow others to be free and you free yourself from the burden that is manipulation.

Inspire yourself by focusing on your freedom, focusing on what matters to you and by stepping away from issues that are outside our control.

Live without the stress and the effort of the futility of trying to engineer things that we can not. Short-term we can manipulate and coerce others, but longer term it is our own happiness that builds the right life for us and attracts the right people who want to be part of our journey because they have chosen to.

Freedom of choice is the most precious gift of life, keep yours safe and don’t steal others.

Allowing others to control us is one of the biggest injustice you can do to yourself. Love yourself, be kind to yourself, choose your own happiness first and step away from anyone who can’t respect that and who tries to stop that.

2 thoughts on “Stealing freedom

  1. This post is so true and great 🙂 thank you for brightening up the day! It is true there is no point on dwelling on things we can’t control and a lot of other great points in here as well!

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