We can stop time


Time will pass, every second, every minute, every hour, every day, month, year, lifetime.

We have no way of physically stopping that passing of time. Except how we chose to use that time and then we can make it feel that we have stopped time.

The more you do, that does not mean being a busy for the sake of it, I mean activity wise, I mean spending time on what matters. So if we live our lives, if we read, walk, run, spend time with people, create our best ‘art’, sing, dance, paint, write or whatever it is that we love doing.

If we stop, pause, hesitate, and get trapped in the cycle of fear and end up not doing, then time and life passes quickly, as we are more aware of time. We also feel the regret of wasting time.

We can make time feel like it has stopped by doing what we love, by spending time with people who matter and by not being conscious of time passing. We are so happy in what we are doing that time does not matter anymore.

The more we are in the flow of what we are doing, when we are so engrossed in things, time seems to stop.

If you want to stop being a slave to time, stop regretting wasting it, then be busy with life, with what you love and with the people you love.

After all, it is not the amount of time that matters, it is how quickly it passes and what you do with whatever time you have.

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