I blogged recently about how good a medicine for life laughter is, well, so is the sun. Just the boast to our vitamin D levels alone apart from the warming feeling and relaxation sitting in the sun can bring.

It’s good for the body and good for the mind.

Then you can add walking in nature, sitting by a river, sitting by the sea, walking through a field of tall grass and running your hands through it. Sitting watching a fire and so on.

The simple things, that have somewhat evaporated from our lives are the best things to make us feel good, to lift us, to even heal us.

The all cost nothing and are often easily accessible.

Instead, we often opt to numb ourselves with comfort food, alcohol or hide in trash TV, social media, the internet and any other short-term dopamine fixes we can find.

Get out in the sunshine.

Hot days

Sun that’s baking hot.

Air that’s hot, where even the breeze is too.

Clear blue skies.

Running your hand through tall dry grass.

An insect buzzing by.

As you walk down a dusty stone path, life is good, sunshine makes us feel alive, you drink some ice cold water to refresh yourself.

Hot days are special, summertime energises us.

Simple things of a sunny day are what makes life magical.