Two kinds of credibility

There are two kinds of credibility.

If we say out loud to the world that we are going to do something and then we don’t, then that’s kind of OK once or twice, but do it regularly and we start to become less credible as time goes on. To the point that we are no longer trusted to deliver.

There is a second kind of credibility that is much more damaging and that is the credibility that we have inside our heads. So whether we announce it to the world or we say it inside our own heads, the damage is just as bad if we continue not to do the things, we tell ourselves or others, that we are going to do.

Repairing our credibility with others has to come from repairing our own inner self-belief and that is a hard task.

Showing up is not always easy, there are many factors involved and the lesson perhaps is to volunteer for less and make sure that the one thing we do say we’re going to do, we do. Furthermore, perhaps best to say nothing at all and just get it done. After all, we can then say we have done it instead of I am going to do it.

The underlying problem is our society measures our worth or value by what we achieve/do and therefore there is far too much pressure to be constantly doing things in order to fit in and to be a worthy person. Hence we often over promise or over volunteer.

Credibility starts within us.