Two sides


There are two sides to most things, well some things have a few more, but I’m not referring to a cube, more the interactions between people.

Yet if we react in a defensive or aggressive way, we cloud any assessment and simply see only our own side. We often engage our limbic ‘chimp’ brain and use one of the ‘f’s, fight.

However, a very brief moment of pause and reflection allows you to see the other side.

It’s like taking a patch off an eye to see the whole picture.

Life is totally different when you can see the full the picture.

Our side might or might not be right, but who can tell with only one perspective?

Take a walk in the other person’s shoes.

Stuck in our own heads


Often in life without realising it we get stuck inside our own heads.

We get caught in a web of over-thinking.

We analyse everything and we allow our ‘chimp’ limbic brain to run riot and build a wall of excuses to hide behind.

We spend more energy on convincing ourselves not to do something than doing anything, it then becomes a habit.

Step away from it all, stop thinking, stop trying to make big decisions. Life is a series of regular small steps done as best we can.

Relax and let our life out of our heads into the world and see where it takes us.

Thinking is useful, over-thinking isn’t and letting life be is often the answer to getting unstuck.