The observer

Take a while to just be with an emotion or to just be with a thought and observe them, not become them, but simply to be the witness to them. Don’t resist them, that only energises them and allows them to grow and take control. Simply be the silent witness, after all, our true essence and being, in a conscious state, is the knower.

The real you and I are not our thoughts or emotions, and if we energise them, we start to become them and attaching to them, then we will be them. Thoughts occur on average 60,000 times a day, so it can become draining to energise them all, well impossible to energise all them, but we get dragged along by them into a subconscious state. Thought creates emotion, literally turbulence in the body.

The observer is at peace without becoming the turbulence.

We are the knower

If we identify with our mind as our own ‘intelligence’, then we are limited to just that.

Our mind only knows what we personally have read, listened to, seen, or experienced. So we are limited to just that. Intelligence is not facts, figures, memories, solving puzzles etc. That is simply memory retention.

However, within our true essence, our soul, we have all the wisdom, true intelligence, that we will ever need, we have the wisdom of the universe. Intelligence is beyond the mind. The mind is limited to temporary mental forms that are born and die.

We access this knowledge, wisdom and real intelligence by disassociating with our mind and going deep within ourselves and being totally conscious and awake now. Our inner knowledge is covered by the endless rattling noise of our mindstream of thought.

We are the knower and we are the knowledge.