Think the worst

When things are going well or we are having one of those joy-filled moments, the mind is there in waiting, telling us ‘don’t relax, something will go wrong…it always does’.

The mind survives on fear and drama, it feeds the story of ‘little me’ and therefore, when we engage with our thoughts and energise them it denies us the pleasure of joy.

If we just sink into the moment of joy, be present, allow the mind to be still, and accept the simplicity of the joy, the peace, if we just fall into it, then we break the cycle. We stay focused on the joy and allow it to grow, not energising the ‘safety mechanism’ that is the mind and its fragile story.

It is more than OK to be joy-filled and just enjoy that and be with it, we don’t have to feel guilty, we do not have to fear something bad.

Stop thinking the worst as default and enjoy…joy.

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