The internal story and expectation

Our internal story, the one the mind has crafted and added to all our lives, builds up expectation for us. The story demands a certain outcome, after all, I am this…or that…fill in the blanks as to what your mind tells you that you are.

We can have many roles, so one might be a mother, then later she becomes the boss, then at lunch she is the customer at the restaurant, and so on. All the different identities that we play, based on the mind’s perception of what role is appropriate at that time. We could also become the ‘victim’ or the ‘punisher’ or both.

The thing is all of them have an expectation and when the expected outcome does not come to fruition, which is very often, then there is disappointment and the bigger the expectation, naturally, the bigger the disappointment.

If we remain awake and conscious, away from the mind, and realise that we do not have to play multiple roles with different expected outcomes, and we only just have to be the real inner self, the one role, then life is not only much simpler, there is also peace and no disappointment.

Our real essence is wanting to just be, be the soul and spirit of the real you and me without the different facades and all their pain. Disappointment is the result of expectations.

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