Do you enjoy each mouthful?

The simple things of the moment are the reality of life that we do not even notice. We are so rarely in this present moment, that we experience almost nothing of the conscious real world.

When you shower, do you feel the water, the soap on your skin? Do you hear the noise the shower makes as the water flows? Do you notice the water draining away? Do you notice the steam and feel the heat? Or are you in your mind, wanting to be already dressed and eating breakfast as you are late for a meeting?

When you eat your breakfast, do you enjoy each mouthful? Do you taste what you eat? Or are you already with your mind in the car on the way to work?

When you are in the car, do see the beautiful trees, the sky, see the birds, notice the people on the streets? Do you even look at the roundabout? Or are you already in the mind rehearsing what you will say to your boos when she asks you why you haven’t finished the report?

We are always doing everything as a means to ends to get to the future, where apparently everything will be OK. The thing is there is no future other than a construct in your mind. When we reach the ‘future’ it is now and all you will want to be is somewhere else.

Just enjoy it now, you are already where your life is and where it can only be.

Just be.

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