We do things when we are ready

In life, we talk about the changes we’re going to make or we want to make.

Yet the change doesn’t happen.

We set goals, we make plans, we even take action. We listen to others. We buy books, sign up for courses and so on.

Yet, still it doesn’t come. We do not change.

It comes when we are truly ready, when we, and we alone, commit of our choice, free of pressure, free of others well intentioned, or not, advice and when it just is the right moment in our journey.

The more we force it, the less it will happen. The more others suggest it, the less it will happen.

Change is a personal thing and subjective. After all, who are others to judge we need to change? There is also this obsession with changing to fit in or to be perfect.

We are already worthy, we can ourselves choose to become even better when we’re ready.

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