Work with people who you love


I grew up with the mentality that you keep personal life and work life separate, always being the boss first and then the ‘buddy’. This idea that we can not work with friends, they are not that, they are employees.

The fact is work is life and if we are genuinely going to live a meaningful, soulful and fulfilled life, we need to be ourselves always. Ditch this work mask or home mask, be you all the time. Don’t have masks.

That then leads us to want to work with people who we can trust, who we would invite home for dinner, to people who we feel comfortable and connected to, people who share similar values and world views. We can then enjoy and have fun at work, it’s allowed you know.

We want to run a business or be part of a business that attracts like-minded people as customers and works colleagues. We are not for everyone and nor is every business. So why try to be all things to all people. Stop, just be you.

Do what you love doing with people you love and create something that others will fall in love with.

Why wouldn’t you be you?

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