What happened to trust?

We are all worthy of being trusted as the default approach.

We could all be afforded the benefit of doubt.

We could all be given the opportunity of innocent until proven guilty.

Why do we have a world now that is so full of distrust? Where we apportion a guilty judgement on someone without hesitation? Often relying on very little. Why are we taught to distrust people automatically based on arbitrary things like colour, race, and so many other false measures?

We have it because the system wants to create judgement, distrust, and distractions. It is easy to get us to focus on hating others, distrusting, and reproaching, while they carry on with their agendas.

We could all just choose to trust everyone first and then modify that if required. We are all trying to do our best and sometimes we make errors. However, that does not make us untrustworthy, it means we made a bad choice.

The world would change overnight if we started to trust others first and then set boundaries when people made bad choices.

Trust, love, understanding, compassion will set us apart as a human race. Don’t drink the poison offered to us of hate, distrust, anger, judgement and prejudice.

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