If it feels like hard work


If something you are doing, or a relationship/friendship, in fact anything, if it feels like hard work, forced or it does not come naturally, then it’s not worth continuing.

If it feels like an effort, if it feels like you’re the one who’s trying and not the other, if your work feels like a struggle, if whatever you are doing just feels like a challenge, it’s because it is not right.

The things, people or activities we love never feel like hard work if they are truly right. Loving something or someone is natural thing, a joy, and never a struggle. You want to do it more than anything else.

Once you find the right thing, person, activity, or work, yes you have to value it, cherish, nurture and spend time.However, it will never be a burden or a chore, it will never drain your energy.

Yet so many spend their lives fighting what they love to continue the struggle.

Don’t struggle, be with people you love, do things that are a joy.

Do what comes instinctively and naturally.

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