We think our own future


The thoughts that we have in our heads are what determines our beliefs, actions and the outcome of those actions.

If think good things about ourselves or are thinking positively about an action, then we believe good things, that then are more likely to result in good actions and good outcomes.

Of course, there are external factors that we do not control, but they are always there and we can’t change what others may or may not do.

The reality is, we decide what future we will have, by the thoughts that we have. We are taught to fear and worry, think of the worst outcome by default.

What if you reversed that and unlearnt? What if we learnt the habit of thinking about the best outcome first? What if we choose to believe that we can create that best outcome? Think about it, we can think whatever we want, yet we choose to think bad things first?

It is all habit, and habits can be changed by doing the different behaviour regularly enough for the new habit to form.

So what future are you currently thinking up for you? How could you change that thinking to create the future you really want? Just start now, by changing your thinking and beliefs. Think good first, bad might happen, but until it does, no point in thinking about it. Normally, for almost any situation, we deal with bad when it comes up anyway.

Think up whatever future you want.

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