We share this planet with 7 billion + other souls, other people. We are surrounded by others every day, well unless you live in Greenland or a remote island.

People are what makes life – the stories, the sharing of knowledge, the giving, the helping and all the things that connecting can bring. The creation of shared experiences. The creation of memories and legacies.

Yet we have managed to create a society where more and more people are lonely, where more and more people trudge like drones to and from the factory, helping to build the dreams of a tiny elite. We have become paralysed be fear of the demonised humans that we are taught to hate.

We have created distrust, judgement, fear and isolation.

We have allowed ourselves to become a disposable cog in the system and we have allowed the myth makers to make up the rules. We have allowed myth makers to isolate us from others.

The solution, reach out to others, break the habits, talk to strangers, talk to your neighbour, talk to someone on the train. Don’t allow others to disconnect us from people.

Move out from the masses in the centre of the circle to the edges where life happens and make connections. Don’t accept the society we are fed, the myths, the rules and become connected to others.

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