What we leave behind


The key to life is to create memories that will last in the heads of those we leave behind at the end of our journeys.

People talk about legacies, and the legacy to leave is a great memory in the heads of all the people that we encounter in life.

During the journey, it is also important to create and leave great memories in our own heads too. None of us will reach the end of our journeys and reminisce about shit that we owned, we will look back on the activities we did with the people who mattered.

In order to create these we need to focus always on creating those opportunities, not on focusing our energies on working hard to earn money to buy a lifestyle.

What we leave behind in terms of possessions does not matter to those who get given them and certainly nothing to us. What will matter is what you leave in someone else’s head.

That requires clear communicating what we stand for, our values so that we surround ourselves with the right people, who will not judge and who will appreciate us for what we are. Then we have to think, do and say good things, we have to work to be ourselves and to make sure that we are kind and loving to ourselves.

That will enable us to be happy and happy people create good memories for themselves and leave great memories in the heads of the people they meet on the journey.

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