Churros now, don’t wait


You can book tickets for a flight next year, a thing that doesn’t exist and that may not happen. We plan for Christmas, Easter holidays, Summer holidays, outings etc, but these are all for future events that haven’t even happened and there are no guarantees that they will.

Then we worry about them, a thing that has not happened, might not happen and a thing that we have no control over.

Then we talk about things that we did wrong in the past or didn’t do last week, last year, 20 years ago. Then we regret the outcomes of the past. A thing that has happened and again we have no way of changing, no way of controlling, it is already gone. It is after all the past.

The thing is I am sat eating churros and chocolate at Chocolateria San Gines in the centre of Madrid with my wife.

This is where life happens, now, the exact moment that is now, as we can control that, we can experience it, and as it is happening, not happened, or may not happen, it is where all the magic of life is created.

Not the past, not the future, life is now. Enjoy it, be happy, no regrets, fears, worries and don’t wait for something that may never happen.

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