What is your reason?


We were all born for a reason.

We are not here simply to exist, we are not here to just take up space on the planet, consume stuff and then leave.

We can all make our own mark on the world, we are all unique, we all are worthy and have something to give, whether it is to a few or to many.

Do not let anything or anybody convince you differently.

We must stay curious, we must question, we must aim to create the very best we can and follow our dreams. We must leave our own legacy, something to say we were here.

Do not give up faith and strive to be happy on a journey that will have some downs, but the downs are never permanent and how we deal with them is a choice. The ups are amazing, a truly fantastic gift of life, and it is up to us to create our own highs.

Find out what your reason is, and then make it happen.

Do not choose to die before you physically expire. Live.

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