80 days


What can you achieve in 80 days? Well you could go around the world in it.

Well today is day number 80, of 80 straight days in a row, of writing and posting a blog post each day. I am aiming to do a whole year, 365 days. So I’m about a quarter of the way through.

I am not posting this to say ‘wow, look at me’, as apart from my Mum, no one cares.

I am posting this to get you to think about what you could achieve in your life, if you stuck to doing something every single day?

One of my challenges in life has been commitment to doing something regularly, even though, I know that doing things regularly is vitally important in being successful.

I talked only yesterday about changing habits, and that is what this writing is doing for me. I love doing the writing anyway and I genuinely write this for myself. However, seeing how the number of views, visitors and likes have been growing, and now starting to really grow, has proved to me that commitment works.

Nearly 3 months in, and the start of what Darren Hardy describes as the compound effect, is starting to happen. I am now more than ever inspired to keep going.

Now the key thing is to apply this learning to other areas.

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