‘They’ say


Nearly every question we ask ourselves inside our heads, we deep down instinctively know the right answer for us, most times we do not take our own instinctive advice.

I hear people saying ‘they say I must do this or that’. Who are ‘they’?

‘They’, well ‘they’ are the experts, the people who know what is good for us.

At times in my life, I made the error of listening to what ‘they’ said or what I thought ‘they’ were telling me to do.

But ‘they’ are not the experts, ‘they’ do not know what is good for me and ‘they’ are not me.

In fact ‘they’ do not even exist, we have invented them in our heads to justify, internally to ourselves and externally to others, why we do not do something.

Stop listen to them, stop invent them – ‘they’ do not know us, we know ourselves and that is who we need to listen to.

Listen to you, as you are the expert on you, after all who has been with us all of our lives, through every situation? yes YOU.

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