Lazy Sunday’s

IMG_3743 (1)

One of the best things in life are lazy Sunday’s.

I’ve just being lying on the sofa, with two of my pets sleeping on me, the family snuggled up and we’re all watching Jurassic World. Naturally I fell asleep too, I watched it when it came out in the cinema, and apart from the standard munching of people by giant lizards with big sharp teeth, there wasn’t much else to be honest, so second time around it was, well zzzzZZZ.

We’ve really not done much today, I’ve played a bit of PS4, my son’s been playing Fifa on his xbox, my daughter has been making the house shake listening to tunes on YouTube, the wife has been watching some Swedish murder mystery on Netflix.

The thing is, we all need days like this, sure you can’t have too many of them, as then nothing would get done. But it is important to have a bit of a laze now and then.

Often though, we are made to feel guilty, as ‘they’ tell us we should be always active, doing something chasing our goals, etc, etc, etc.

Well for one day every so often goals can wait.

That’s it until tomorrow, as the duvet and the sofa are calling.

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