Get out

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If you run a business, and you spend day, after day, after day, stuck at the office, only working in your business, the likely result is that you will go round and round in circles.

You will not see the wood for the trees and sooner or later it will all go stale.

You need to make time in your diary, I would say at least a day a week, where you go out, down the park, to a coffee shop, meet up with friends or wherever you feel that you can have a clear head.

Switch the phone to do not disturb and switch yourself into a creative mode, a thinking mode and work on your business.

Business is a long-term game, not a short hard slog, where you hope to find the magical short-cut to riches.

Therefore, if you can never be away from your business, then it is unsustainable, especially health wise and then ultimately you’ll be frazzled.

Step away from it and get out, get out of the trees and look across the plain.

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