Cut your own path


So I have always wanted to do mentoring, so now I have been.

I wanted to run workshops, I am doing it.

I wanted to write, I have been doing it.

I wanted to be happy, I have been choosing to be.

Why did I wait so long, to do some of these things?

Because that was my journey, the one I was destined to take, as we only make choices based on our experiences up to that point in time. I had to learn the experiences that I have to get me to here. I had to learn to make the right choices to become the person I am now. I had to have enough time to listen to my inner self, me.

So we all have to learn. Take your path and go with the flow, go along with your journey, do what you feel is right and do not fight it, do not swim upstream. It’s draining and goes against our inner self.

Go and find your path.

If it doesn’t come, don’t keep trying to follow someone else’s path, fighting against the tide, decide to choose yourself and cut your own path, listen to yourself.

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