Looking for the worst

We look for the worst in others by default and then wonder why we feel insecure? We judge others, when in fact, it is a judgement of ourselves.

Perhaps our collective and individual self-confidence would be hugely improved if we only looked for the good in others and accept what is and people for what they are? We may communicate and get on so much better.

Then we might only look for the best in ourselves too and feel better.

It is all a choice, but surely better to look for the good in others and ourselves.

If you are going to do something


If you are going to do something in life, whatever that is, then we might as well go the ‘whole nine yards’.

There is a temptation to do more. But in doing more we deliver less as we have to shortcut to achieve many things.

If we only had the patience to do one thing and do that really well, the best that we can.

Become known for it, be admired for it, be the person that people will come to.

We control all our choices in life and it is up to us how many things we do and how well we do them.

But no one remembers busy people, they remember people who did something remarkable.