Looking for the worst

We look for the worst in others by default and then wonder why we feel insecure? We judge others, when in fact, it is a judgement of ourselves.

Perhaps our collective and individual self-confidence would be hugely improved if we only looked for the good in others and accept what is and people for what they are? We may communicate and get on so much better.

Then we might only look for the best in ourselves too and feel better.

It is all a choice, but surely better to look for the good in others and ourselves.

hide and seek

The problem with hiding as a strategy for life is what we hide from doesn’t go away.

The problem with seeking things is it is scary.

What is in between running and brutally facing fears is a personal journey where we choose the pace of life not what is dictated to us by others.

A series of small steps that are easily taken on a regular basis takes us from hiding to seeking without it being difficult.

Small is achievable and big is too much and why we stay hidden.