It’s a chain reaction

We can sit on the fence or we can take the plunge…it’s an ongoing dilemma we face on our journey.

Either is a choice, there’s not a right or wrong about whichever we choose. Doing or not is the same.

However, like all things, our choices have consequences always, so if we choose not to take the plunge then that will have a consequence.

Sitting on the fence seems comfortable and less risky…safe.

Safe leads to suffering though.

Taking the plunge seems risky, but it brings experience and after all, life is about taking mental concepts and realising them through actually creating a real-life experience.

So comfort seems good short-term, but longer-term it is only suffering from not creating the experiences we want. Experiences mentally seem daunting but they lead to joy and other experiences…it’s a chain reaction that sitting on the fence never creates.

Sitting on the fence

At times in life, we can step back for a moment and realise that we are sitting on the fence.

We hold back.

We wait for our moment.

However, we can end up sitting on the fence observing for a very long time.

Our moments in life are now and every single moment, as we, and we alone, make those moments happen.

Jump off the fence and take part in the party that is our lives.