Our soul

Autumn by Philip Dodson

The night comes sooner
A chill on the air
The sense of change
The leaves are turning
Golden and red and brown

The flowers are dwindling
Hay is being harvested
The birds are heading off
The days grow shorter
The season is ending

Summer comes and it goes
Light fades to dark
Green leaves turn to brown
Life comes and goes
Autumn comes and then winter

It’s all temporary
Nothing lasts
Life becomes death
All except our soul
That is eternal like this moment
Now and our essence lasts forever

@WorkHubs via Haiku deck

@WorkHubs via Haiku Deck – by Philip Dodson


If you love creating ‘decks’ and find doing stuff on the move a hassle with Powerpoint, then you will absolutely love the simplicity and the functionality of Haiku Deck.

It links fantastically well with social media platforms and to import photo’s from your own library or Instagram is so easy.

Here is an example of one I created yesterday, lying on the sofa watching TV & tweeting too.


Sharing is simple too – it’s available from the App Store.