Letting others help

If we think we are strong by never being weak it is, in fact, the opposite. To be strong and brave is to be vulnerable. Part of being vulnerable means letting others help us.

The other thing is if we do not let others help, not only is it a weakness for us but we are denying others the chance to feel the joy of helping others and all that it brings to them.

Helping others


A good number of people talk about helping others.

It ranks alongside ‘authentic’ – yes that new idea, where it’s now seen to be ‘honest’ and ‘genuine’ is a really good thing. So before it was good to be dishonest, now we hit on this remarkable new concept, and yes we can make money from it too. We’re now going to be transparent and not tuck everyone up!!

Helping others shouldn’t be a strategy, shouldn’t be something to do in order to further our business to get something back, especially as a planned activity to manipulate someone who has got something we want.

Instead helping others could be something we simply enjoy doing, something that gives us really good and happy feelings. It could be an action without any agenda.

There is nothing wrong in boosting our happiness by helping others.

If we all just helped others for no reason, the world would be a kinder and happier place. This is not some fluffy utopian pipe dream, it is a question of us all making our own choices as what we want the world to be like. We can only change ourselves and not others.

However, our change can be the inspiration to others. They can then freely decide to change too, for themselves.

Happiness is a choice, helping others is too, do not manipulate, inspire change.