Placebos actually work in medical studies, people who take them often get better, as the patient thinks that they are receiving a medicine that will make them better, when in fact, they aren’t getting medicine.

It is all due to beliefs.

What we think is possible, is possible. If you have a strong enough faith, anything is possible.

We can use our minds for amazing things, when conscious and in control, pity we occupy it with useless repetitive thought on a daily basis.

‘Just keep swimming’

A phrase that was made famous from the Pixar film ‘Finding Nemo’ where Dory, a blue tang fish, with a bit of a memory problem, says ‘just keep swimming’ to keep everyone going towards the search for the missing Nemo. Especially, she uses it when they reach the usual challenges in their search that such film genres have as part of the plot of making the film engaging. Often at the point when others perhaps are disheartened and feel like giving up

OK, so life is a little different to an animated Pixar film based on humanised fish, but the phrase ‘just keep swimming’ is one that fits as a reminder that often in life we have to just keep going. Sure, with things that are outside of our control, like everything except what we do, then letting go and leaving it is the right answer.

But with ourselves, we have to have a bit of perseverance and determination, especially during the hard times, when we are challenged and pushed to the limit of our self-belief and resilience. This is not some macho strength thing, this about keeping our faith, adapting and keep trying.

If you persist, you get there. As I said yesterday, the last freedom we have that can never be taken away is our freedom of choice of how to react.

Just keep swimming, believe and great things come.