It isn’t what you have

It isn’t actually what you have, it is what people believe you have that seems to count.

Amazingly, as humans, we can be convinced of anything if it is put to us in a powerful and convincing way.

Con tricks have been going on since humans first discovered the power of myths. Now, with the tools available in our digital world it is a whole lot easier to ‘sucker’ people with any story you can convincingly concoct.

The people who do not fool for the con trick are those who are willing to question and be brave enough to stand away from the crowd.

It’s sadly not about ‘how you tell ’em’

It’s often said ‘don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story’. 

Film posters often say things like ‘totally amazing’ cutting off the true quote ‘totally amazing for 5 minutes then utter crap’. 

People also say ‘make it look as good as you can’ or ‘polish it up a bit’. 

On the tube I read an advert for a broadsheet leading newspaper that said ‘our manifesto, the best….’ then underneath ‘we’ve correctly predicted every General Election and referendum this decade’. 

So that’s 2 elections and 2 referendums. Each referendum was ‘yes’ or ‘no’ so 50/50, just toss a coin you don’t need the newspaper. Then the General Election are fairly similar it’s either one or other who win, Labour or Tory. 

One can assume their predictions we’re poor, for these easily called results, in the previous decade, otherwise they would have said ‘we predicted every election for 20 years’. Slightly more impressive. 

The thing is all that marketing splosh and gloss is wasted. 

Better to be brutally honest about what they are good at not trying gain readers with wishy washy statements that few will fall for. 

Tell ’em as it is, because if we’re good why would we need to deceive people? If we’re not good, then get better, people always work out deceit and remember it long after. 

If  we are great at what we do and honest about it, what will happen is our fans will also tell others and become our evangelistic advocates. 

Better than any tube ad we could place. 

Be honest, be good. Simple.