Rising above

Within the circle lies compliance, following the crowd, not wanting to offend, perfectionism to avoid judgement, comfort that is uncomfortable, not speaking out, fear of being wrong, fear of almost everything outside the circle.

The only way to change anything is to rise above, to free ourselves from the circle, to actually be able to see the circle for what it is. We have to embrace the wilderness, we have to be brave enough to be different, we have to be prepared to leave the perceived safety of the circle.

We can not escape if we do not see we are within the circle.

Rise, lead, inspire, change and be free.

What if the earth is really flat

We are bombarded with facts, science, things that are indisputable, they are sacrosanct, we can’t dare to argue.

It is amazing how as supposedly the most intelligent species on the planet that we so readily accept everything that we are told.

For me so much more is opinion than fact, actually, is there anything that we can claim to know to be 100% correct?

What have I learnt over 51 years? Well, most of what I have been told was a fact is actually not as black and white as it was presented to me.

I am learning to be curious, doesn’t mean I will change my view of what I am told, but, to not question things doesn’t make sense anymore.

So is the earth flat or round? I don’t know, I never been to space. If you’ve seen the Truman Show, they all thought their world was real until one person questioned it.