What if the earth is really flat

We are bombarded with facts, science, things that are indisputable, they are sacrosanct, we can’t dare to argue.

It is amazing how as supposedly the most intelligent species on the planet that we so readily accept everything that we are told.

For me so much more is opinion than fact, actually, is there anything that we can claim to know to be 100% correct?

What have I learnt over 51 years? Well, most of what I have been told was a fact is actually not as black and white as it was presented to me.

I am learning to be curious, doesn’t mean I will change my view of what I am told, but, to not question things doesn’t make sense anymore.

So is the earth flat or round? I don’t know, I never been to space. If you’ve seen the Truman Show, they all thought their world was real until one person questioned it.

Work till we drop

Work till we drop.

We could do that, in fact, many will do that all their lives and retire exhausted.

Working hard has this almost macho attachment to it, like you’re a real woman or man if you work hard, your tough, what a hero, working all hours, constantly busy…you get the picture.

Perhaps, instead of working until we drop, let’s drop work.

Madness, perhaps.

But what is work for? Do we ever question that?

Why do you work?

Is there a way of rethinking the whole programme?

Perhaps a reboot. A new operating system.

Maybe life could be the priority and we work as little as needed to have enough to do things that matter, not work to consume stuff that does not matter.

I think that if we paused for a few moments and looked deeply at what we do on a daily basis, in exchange for money, we might consider is this enriching my life? Is what I use my income for enriching my life? Could I rearrange my priorities in life and work less or differently?

After all, I can’t believe there will be a single one of us who will get to the end of our lives and wish we had worked harder and longer.

School and work, two institutions of the modern world that no one ever really questions what they are for.

Just maybe we could and just maybe we would want to do something different.