Not seeing the other person

Today I attended the funeral service of someone and listening to the beautiful tributes in the eulogies that were made of this kind, loving, and amazing woman…I realised something that really made me conscious and aware, and initially sad too.

All my life I had carried a judgement of this person based on the viewpoint of others, who had their prejudices that clouded their vision of this person, not maliciously, it’s just how they had been conditioned and that was their level of consciousness at the time. They were not able to see the person as they were, they saw them through the lens of their mind and I did the same.

I remember when I was younger a feeling that this wasn’t right, but our minds and that of others are powerful if we allow them to be, they override our soul’s innate wisdom.

It was an important reminder that judgements of another is never kind and has no benefit, it creates suffering within us and sometimes for the person we judge. It is never to do with them, it is our own internal struggles that create these judgements. When we disassociate from our mind and its ego and stories, we free ourselves to see others as the beautiful human souls that we all are. We remove the suffering within.

It struck me though, how many other times in my life have I missed seeing others as they truly are? How many amazing people have I not seen and had perhaps dismissed based on nothing but my mind’s judgemental conditioning and my internal narrative? Based on nothing, we can end up missing so much.

The past is exactly that, gone and unable to be changed, so I accept all as it is, it was just a valuable experience, that can help me to grow and expand.

4 thoughts on “Not seeing the other person

  1. Going through a lot right now so my comment is tainted by my current misery I know.. but truly being able to see the beauty of others souls as human beings – as valuable treasures of God – can also be a curse.

  2. I’m not proud of my last comment.. I think I was venting. But no, people are beautiful. In all their imperfection. My previous comment if nothing else is a lesson on the need for prudence and wisdom. For unconditional self love, Christ assurance, and compassion – both for self and others. To love from myself I cannot. But to be a vessel from which my true King Jesus Christ’s Love flows this I can most certainly do and be.

    Thank you for your blog ☺️ and insights. Thank you for sharing your wisdom and experiences with the world 🙏 Bless you

    1. Venting is good, we need to allow things to be and welcome however we are feeling, it helps to move on, to let go and to grow. All things are temporary and every state, good and bad as we label them, pass and new moment unfolds. 🙏🤗

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