Ego driven?

If you want to see if you are driven by your ego or not, wait until the next time someone criticises you, or someone cuts you up in traffic, or has a different opinion, or offers to do something for you that you are struggling with, or doesn’t reply to your message, or talks about their new car, pay rise, expensive holiday…see if there is a reaction inside you and then see if you actions reflect that reaction, look at what you say or do. See how your mind feels threatened and acts to protect.

When we look at the things we react to and think about it for a moment then we realise the insanity and triviality of it all. If we are disengaged from the mind and its ego, we do not become the reaction, we do not feel the need to boast ourselves to others or protect ourselves. We let these things go and accept what is, we do not feel there is any position to defend or any threat, as there isn’t.

The threat is just a construct of the mind and it is not a real physical danger, it is an imagined threat to our fake self-image.

The repeating mind patterns are there all the time, hidden in the endless noise of our minds and are so every day that we don’t even recognise them.

Just be the silent witness to it all and let go of the ego. See how life, relationships, everything changes. Worth a try, a chance to experience peace and calm. Nothing matters unless we choose to suffer.

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