Once we say ‘my car’ or ‘my iPhone’ or ‘my…` anything it becomes part of us in terms of how the mind reacts and perceives material physical objects.

If someone scratches our car or we crack the screen on our phone it is felt the same as if the attack was on us, like we wear scratched or injured. The mind brings pain and suffering.

Our everyday ‘consciousness’, which in reality isn’t consciousness but is a mind dominated dreamlike state, constantly in thought, has no energy for the background, which is always there and is peaceful. The mind is concerned with its mental objects, our thoughts, and our possessions, physical objects.

We rarely have a consciousness of the background, for example, a ticking clock, the crunch of the gravel as we walk, a bird singing, a car passing, someone singing, the music that is playing and so on. The mind and its fragile ego are too worried about the car being scratched or the fact that some other minor thing has happened, to even notice or give energy to the background. We completely miss it, unaware of its existence.

True beauty and amazing things happen in the background, there is calm, peace and stillness there, away from the suffering that objects bring us. Yet we will often spend our whole lives only being aware of objects mental or physical unless we choose to become truly aware of the moment and all that is there.

2 thoughts on “Objects

  1. What you’ve just presented is the very reason why I love living in the country. I hear the train in the distance, sight unseen. I hear the one analog clock I have left occasionally ticking on the dining room wall. Going into town or the city, yes, is a bit different. Still, I love the surprise of sighting something new that I haven’t paid much mind to before. I suppose viewing the world as “ours” helps with that, giving me license to move the collective background into my foreground. Although better as a passenger rather than a driver, it still works. No matter, I notice.

    No, I want no scratches on my vehicle, which is why I look around at the positioning of all the other vehicles, making sure “we” all have ample space to coexist.

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