We can end all suffering…now

There is a place inside me and you that is totally safe from everything and everyone, that is the place that is the real me and you, not the form, name and self-image, that is a transient thing and the self-image is created by our mind, the ego, it has so far been the downfall of the human race, and we can all detach ourselves from it whenever we choose to, and the sooner we do, the sooner the world will be a better place.

However, it takes huge bravery to do so, to go against almost everything that we have been conditioned to believe. It takes time and it takes the ability to be able to surrender to what is, to stop resisting and to be able to be free of the mind. That is the only way that the human race will ever be able to stop being so destructive. There are no alternatives, there is only that solution because no other species on this planet suffer from this disease and insanity, they do not destroy their own and their own environment, they are happy just to be.

As humans, we are afflicted with the mind possessed egoic state, that means in order to protect the very vulnerable ego, we put up a resistance to everything that the mind perceives is a threat, and the mind will control us and convince us to do anything to protect that at whatever the cost to us and others. That is why we have wars and that is why we have hatred, greed, lies, manipulations, anger and so on, that is why we are destroying ourselves and our environment, that is what leads to our excessively addictive behaviour and endless pursuit of short-term gratification, happiness, pleasures and thrills. There is no end to it, and the more we seek it the more we have to go to further extremes, as we are never satisfied, we always have to search for more and more.

Addiction is a disease of the mind and it is one that has led the human race over 1,000s of years to where we are now, the cognitive revolution and the start of voices in the head have evolved over that time to the egoic mind state that we are all in for most of our lives.

We are in a dreamlike state for 99% of the time completely unaware of the real life that is going on around us, we are not aware of our own body, our own life that is the now moment, we are stuck in the delusion of time. Time as in clock time past or future, never this moment now, and that leaves us suffering from the psychological effects of time.

That is caused by staying stuck in the past and its pain and projecting into the future and its pain too. There is no point in this, as the past and the future are both not real and do not exist, they are simply memory retrieval (the past) or a forward projection (future) by our minds, to gain a sense of who the mind wants us to believe we are, the ego/self-image and other is to project forward in the search for salvation and preservation and protection of that self-image from imagined psychological threats. Salvation is an unnecessary and unreal demand by the ego and there is only joy in the present moment, which is our real life. We cannot experience anything other than now.

There is no need for time other than the occasional use of clock time for the practical purposes of organising our life situation. Other than that the less time-bound we are the more we can focus on the moment that is now, that is the time that we are alive no other.

In this moment there never can be a problem, just a situation that if it occurred we would deal with it. We cannot deal however with the imagined problems as they are not real. Without problems, there would only be peace within and with all humans.

The human race has been killing each other, we have been killing ourselves, and destroying all in its path, driven by the individual and collective mind associations. The mind is a tool that can be used to do amazingly creative things, however, once possessed by it and it’s ego, then we do little thinking that is creative and the majority of it is bringing pain to ourselves and pain to each other. The ego has been the darkening of the human race until now.

If we take a moment to stop and just observe our own thoughts, just listen to them without judgement and without response, then the thought has no energy and will dissolve, If we continue this as a practice, then gradually over time, we become disassociated with the mind and more present and conscious.

In our conscious state, we are out of the dreamlike world that is our mind and then we are able to be free and liberated. Anger, hate, destruction, argument and so on are all driven by the egoic state and therefore if we no longer energise or associate with the mind the thoughts have no power and we are not acting on the demands of the them, that is true freedom and is the end of the humans desire to be right at all costs, to inflict our pain and misery on ourselves and others.

Salvation is now in this moment and always will be and the end of suffering is now, and it is for the entire human race. Will it happen? Well, that is a choice we can all make right now.

This post in itself will seem odd to most who read it, I would have been to me 3-4 months ago. However, intrigued by what people had said, I read ‘The Power of Now’ by Eckhart Tolle, and now this makes sense. Well, I guess it would to me, seeing as I wrote it! However, definitely worth a read, and if you get it on Audible it is a great way to take it in listening to it. You might dismiss it after reading, but nothing to lose but a few hours of your life.

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