There is always a solution

We face many challenges in our lives.

All of which have a solution.

The bigger challenge is learning how to react to challenges.

Often, we allow even minor setbacks to take ‘the wind out of our sails’. We focus on the injustice, or the hurt, the problem, the way in which we can get revenge or not accept it.

Instead, if we focus all our energies on the solution, the world looks completely different.

We are not victims, we are not unlucky, we haven’t been dealt a bad hand. We make all the choices, so what comes our way is a result of those choices and the things that we can not control will happen regardless of what we do.

Sure initially we will all react to a setback, but after that initial reaction, there is a choice to blame others, to be a victim or there is the choice of what is the solution? How can I make things better? What opportunity will come from this challenge? What can I learn? What did I do right and what can I do even better next time?

Questions lead to solutions and it is a choice.

There is always a solution and it is not found in blame, victimhood, or dwelling on the problem.

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